“Time’s told me all about it.”
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Trinity was the first Elemental of the Fire Element, fourth Elemental ever, and the sixth and last Queen of Siver.

Trinity was born to the Princess of the Siver tribe in her late twenties. When Trinity was ten, her grandmother―the Queen of the time―died of old age, and was sacrificed with all of her material belongings to the volcano to keep the gods sated.

Trinity's mother was the obvious heir to the throne, but the young fox did not want to wait for another twenty years to inherit the throne, so she sacrificed her mother to the volcano as well. Fire admired her passion, and granted her its powers as she tricked her mother into going along with the sacrifice.

When she returned to the tribe on fire, and claiming the throne, nobody dared oppose her, as it was obvious to them that the gods they worshiped had chosen her.

Several years after Trinity became Queen, the volcano of Siver erupted, burying the entire island in lava and ash.

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