The Swordsmen Civil War is a passage taken from The History of the Swordsmen written by an anonymous author around the end of the Tawn Era. The passage, as the title entails, teaches about The Swordsmen Civil War and the effects it had on the group as a whole.

The Swordsmen Civil War was a civil war fought by two different sides of the Swordsmen. One side, led by Tawn Harss, wanted to organize the Swordsmen, which Guard Swordsmen had been wanting for years due to being sick of Hunter Swordsmen never helping guard towns. The other side was led by Tawn’s sister, Nara Harss, who wanted the Swordsmen to remain the same, allowing them to choose what they wanted to do instead of being assigned to do something, which is something Hunters preferred as then they wouldn’t be forced to guard towns when they really wanted to hunt down Element Users.

The two siblings’ disagreement eventually led into Civil War when the leader at the time, the siblings’ mother, died and left leadership with Tawn, who acted to bring his ideas to light. This angered Nara, which led to her and the Hunters declaring War against Tawn and the Guards.

After the declaration of War, the Hunter Swordsmen fled to hark territory, the mountains, where they had been secretly building a base of operations in preparation for the civil war. The base had been built in a cavern to avoid hark attacks. Hark territory had been chosen due to the fact that Tawn would never risk Swordsmen lives against the harks residing there just to get to Nara, which meant that the Hunters didn't have to guard the base against impending attacks.

The Civil War lasted five years. Battles were merely small attacks done by Hunters on Swordsmen Protected Towns and Swordsmen Caravans. Nara’s plan had been too thin out the number of Guards until she deemed an attack on Harknest safe enough to attempt.

Eventually, it was deemed safe, and on the 13th of May, 3815, the Attack on Harknest commenced. She led the Hunters to Harknest and used the Harknest Underground exit to sneak in, taking out the patrols there quietly. The Hunters all spread out to different access tunnels and exited the underground simultaneously, attacking any Guards in sight. While the others were dealing with the Guards around Harknest, Nara led a direct assault on Harss Manor with the intent of killing her brother and ending the war, bringing with her six other Hunters.

The assault went well for the first part, Nara and her men taking out the guards easily with only one of six falling. The group, now only having six, continued on to the study, where her brother was.

Some say that in the study was only Tawn and that he had managed to take on the six Hunters singlehandedly. Others say that Tawn had over a dozen Guards protecting him and that the six Hunters fought them bravely before falling to them. However many were there, the fact remains that the six Hunters had fallen; Nara had lost. The Civil War ended that day, the Guards managing to force the Hunters to surrender after their leader's death. After days of meetings and agreements being made between the Hunters and the Guards, the Hunters agreed to rejoin, thus reforming the Swordsmen again. ~Anonymous

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