Thalia is a member of the Elite Four in The Swordsmen and is an Earth/ and Water/ mage.


Thalia is more aggressive than her two squadmates. She doesn't have a very good sense of humor, usually never laughing or attempting to crack a joke. Despite this, she is still somehow friends with Zoe Acker despite them pretty much-being opposites, as Zoe is a more laid back whereas Thalia is more serious. She is regarded by many Swordsmen as scary when angered.


Thalia is a tallish brown coyote anthro. She wears a grey double-breasted coat with black anthro dress pants and tan Hunter's Marks.


Thalia mainly utilizes more aggressive powers of her two elements rather than the more supportive ones.

Rock ManipulationEdit

Thalia mainly uses Rock Manipulation in battle, being able to move earthen objects with her mind. She usually uses this to create rock spikes or pillars, bringing them up from the ground under her opponents feet.


Thalia is able to sense people's positions on the ground. This can work in some buildings depending on the material used and the proximity of the building to the ground.

Water ManipulationEdit

Thalia also uses Water Manipulation if there is a water source nearby. She uses this power like she does Earth Manipulation, bringing up water and using it to attack her opponents.

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