“Time’s told me all about it.”
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Sylvan is the current host of Form.

Appearance Edit

Sylvan has a rather slender build. She has long untied hair, occasionally, she braids it or ties it into a pony tail. She has bandages on her left thumb and right index and middle finger.

Sylvan’s clothing choices are rather simplistic. She usually wears a jetblack jacket unbuttoned most of the time only buttoning on colder weathers when she isn’t wearing her cloak, she usually either wears a tshirt or a tank top underneath, both with colors ranging from black, white or gray. On rare occasions she’ll wear a brown vest over a tshirt. Depending on the weather she’ll either wear knee long shorts or work pants. She often wears boots.

Personality Edit

Forgiving: Sylvan is not the type to hold grudges, she will often forget about an incident or simply not care about it within a couple hours.

Calm: She is relaxed and stays calm in most situation.

Amiable: Sylvan tries to put forth a pleasant front when interacting people, often smiling a lot during conversations.

Obsessive: Sylvan is obsessed with emulating her mother, spending any spare time she gets carving as a stress relief. Her mind is rather one-tracked on, anything that doesn't further her goals is ignored, she can get very impatient and will often become disinterested within a minute.

Callous: While she often smiles upfront normally, that and her poker face are the only expressions she ever shows, generally, she is hard to read and keeps her emotions bottled up.

Aloof: Because of her obsession with emulating her mother, she’s seen as rather distant to people and not very present

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