Seygahd Crow was the very first elemental, and was specifically the host for Force.

History Edit

Seygahd was born in a swamp in the southern tip of Entherstia, before the country was split into provinces. Her birth mother abandoned her, still unnamed, as they could not deal with the consequences of having a halfbreed crow-human child. She was found by a couple of anthro bears who were incapable of birthing children of their own, and they took to raising her as their own child. These two bears, who she considered her fathers, named her Seygahd. This roughly translates to 'lost' in a dead language once used by the Ursa Clan, so the name they gave her was 'Lost Crow'.

She had gotten off lucky, in terms of halfbreed appearances. She had dark skin, but nothing out of human range, black eyes that could be excused as dark brown, only a few feathers on her forearms that she could cover with long sleeves or binding, and some feathers under her hair.

When Seygahd was sixteen she left her adopted parents to appeal to the king to remove some of the harsh laws against anthros in an attempt to prevent rebellion. On her voyage she was blinded by a knight, and left in the streets to die. The spirit of Force saw her, and decided that she was the best possible host for its powers. It had been looking for a suitable host for decades... It had an experiment it wanted to try, which would later be copied by the other Elements.

Seygahd rose, and with her new ability to sense the world around her, navigated to the king's palace despite her blindness. When she was denied an audience she forced her way into the king's chamber using her telekinesis. She spoke with the king, and after several hours of convincing, managed to get the laws repealed.

Several years later, she founded the Seygahd Monks, an organization that sought nothing but the truth. The group did not get named until after her death. She originally only had thirty followers, but the numbers quickly grew over the following centuries.

After a decade of leading the monks, she was invited back to the palace, and helped with the negotiations for the division of the expanding country's land into provinces. The southernmost of the three provinces was named Seygahn after her.

Under unspoken circumstances, she ended up pregnant some years later, and gave birth to a seemingly human child. The only traces of crow in him were the dark skin and eyes, but he had no feathering. She named that child Siboi Cross. 'Siboi' meant 'unknown' in the same Ursa language she was named in, and the 'Cross' insinuates 'halfbreed', but could be covered up. She raised him with the help of the monks until the time of her death to an illness, at which point the monks took over, and Siboi inherited her powers.

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