Rose Brier is a professional thief and the next in line for the Void Element.


Rose is a brindled tortoiseshell feline anthro with orange and black coloring, green eyes, and medium-short lengthed black hair. She stands at 4'6", below average for female felines, with a thin frame, large breasts, and plantigrade legs. Rose packs light for clothing, forcing her to wear a rather simplish style of clothes most of the time. She tends to wear cool colored (blue or green) short-sleeved or long sleeved shirts, which she pairs with either black slacks or a black skirt and legging combo. She has two pairs of long black boots, which she tucks her black slacks or leggings into. She brings with her a hooded black cloak with ear pockets, which she wears on the job, though depending on the situation, outside of it as well, a dark brown hip satchel, which carries all her thieving tools, and a dark brown leather bracer which she wears on her right arm and has a knife sheathed into. She has a single silver loop earring on her left ear and wears a gold ring on her right ring finger.




Items of InterestEdit

Rose grew up in the small feline town of Glace, Seygahn. Her father, Aster Brier, left her mother when Rose was a kitten, so she was raised solely by her mother, Jade Pry, for most of her childhood, leading to her and her mom to build a close relationship, while having a very distant relationship with her father, who would sometimes visit her but often stay away. Her mother taught her valuable life skills, such as how to cook, while she was growing up so that she’d be able to live out in the world.

When Rose was around the age of ten, the Oak Family, a family of high wealth, moved into the small town of Glace, building a large manor on the outskirts. Witnessing this, Rose learned to value and power of money, and from that day forward it became her dream to be of high wealth as well, having grown up with moderate wealth like most people.

Her quest for wealth started with trying to find the best job to garner wealth. She went through multiple apprenticeships with people around town, learning the basics of baking, farming, etc etc, but never going any further as she deemed the job too middle class.

Distraught, she payed a visit to the Oak Family, thinking that they’d be able to assist her on her ambition. This visit nearly crushed her dream, the Oak Family having gained wealth due to the hard work that past generations had done. This info angered her, it having gone against everything she previously believed, and she left their house immediately after.

Still searching to find an answer, thinking she could do it, she realized that if she couldn’t earn the money on her own to become wealthy, she would instead steal the money earned from others.

She didn’t tell anyone about her new plan to become a thief, teaching herself the skills necessary in secret, knowing her mother would not approve. She learned and practiced lockpicking on her bedroom door, eventually being able to open without a key, though not very efficiently and started sneaking up on her mother and friends to practice her stealth, all to work toward becoming a thief.

At the age of fourteen, she declared to her mother that she was leaving Glace to find wealth somewhere else, and left, only to return a week later in secret to put her newly trained skills to the test, robbing Oak Manor. Her test run started out smoothly, having stolen quite a few items, until she alerted the family and had to retreat before they caught her. Despite this, she deemed it a success, thinking she could truly make it as a thief.

The past three years have been mostly uninteresting. She started getting in touch with criminal networks, who aided her in her efforts by giving info on big hits in exchange for a cut of the goods. Through these, her skills improved, getting more time efficient with her lockpicking and alerting people less. This kept up until she hit a streak of bad luck, ending up with her owing a debt to a criminal network she couldn’t pay and them putting a bounty on her when she fled.

In an effort to earn the money to pay off the debt, she got some info on a very large hit, Harss Manor. Not knowing much about the family, only that they’re very wealthy, she took to robbing the place, which didn’t end well and her barely escaping the place. Gaining a new target on her back from the Swordsmen, she fled to Ibreium in an attempt to hide among the large populous.




L. L. AdrearEdit

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Rose has come to like Adrear for the simple reason of Adrear giving her a dress, letting her attend a fancy party, making her feel good, and not turning her in despite Adrear having caught her robbing their manor.


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