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Falaos and Sub, after leaving the blacksmith's shop, went to a bar Max had gotten to earlier. A fight started soon after, and Nick, Rasmus and Vulcan all got brought to battle in against the bandits who started it. They all left the bar shortly after the fight, and went right by the waterfall, in the outskirts of Hideston, to put an end to this annoying group that were the bandits. Liam and Rezel had left the park a few moments before and joined the place where they found the bandits being slaughtered by the other Elementals. After this, Sub took the bandit's stolen loot and brought it back to the townspeople.

Lexi and Chira had met at the park for the first time, and started talking to each other about their current situation.

After the events of the waterfall, Sub, Max and Falaos went to get some rest as well, while Nick moved to the park.

Meanwhile, Mira, still inside the odd shop she had investigated in, had found herself in front of a mysterious creature, and was about to get teleported to Hugh, who was also trapped in the old bookstore.