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As the sky went even darker over Hideston, and the Elementals started worrying about it, appears in the town's streets an old woman with an unknown goal. One thing was sure, is that the bad weather stopped after she disappeared from view.

Now that everything was seemingly back to normal, the Elementals kept wandering through town to either buy items, or gather more information about their powers.

Unfortunately, some Elementals weren't very welcome in town, and Starlet got tied up by villagers. Sub, One-Eye, Falaos, Chira and Ryan followed the dragoness' kidnappers. This time again, the Earth Elemental's golem was mistaken as a threat, and had to defend itself. Ryan got hurt, and was brought to Hideston's hospital by Chira.
Despite the group's efforts, Starlet had been hidden away, left with no clue of where she could have been. The town went a little crazier, mobs attacking Falaos and Max.

Mira and Hugh found themselves meeting back in a tailor shop, and then got the occasion to see their powers tell them something they couldn't fully understand. It frightened both of them, but only for a short time.

The weather cleared up and even more than that, as a blinding shine flew over the town.