Macaria is a town located by the shores of the Aeboran Sea, significantly distant from other towns and cities in Serentia. The landmass is surrounded mostly of water, the common way of transportation used to go there is by boat or by ship. Macaria is known for having a large amount of aquatic resources used for food and other materials. Trading is the town's most efficient way to balance their supplies and gain strong connections with other towns, led by the Tweedsley family and the Harrison family (yet to be introduced in the story). Markets of any sort are also found on every street of Macaria.

Storms are not very often in Macaria, which compliments the fact that fishing and travelling by boat are presumably safer. The only problem is that the most threatening sea creatures reside around the waters of the town, which can be a disadvantage.

Culture and Beliefs Edit

Macarians are known for their strange beliefs such as:

  • The phase of the moon is important when planning events. One must fulfill their works on every phase, except for the warning period.
  • Most buildings do not reach four floors, since the number "4" is considered bad luck in town.
  • Seafood brings good health to those who are ill.
  • You cannot mix the dark colors with light colors in artworks or walls, since Macarians believe that the dark colors represent bad luck, and it will cover the light colors that represent good luck.
  • Giving birth to twins will cause them to be mentally divided: the other will be ran down by the right portion of the brain (the thoughtful and subjective part), while the other will be ran down by the left portion (the logical and objective part).
  • Tying green ribbons on tree branches is a method of bidding farewell.

Macarians are naturally festive and lighthearted people. They are hospitable and welcoming with visitors, due to the fact that tourists are a pretty rare sight for them despite the beautiful sceneries that they offer.

Known Residents Edit

  • Magnus Tweedsley
  • Yera Tweedsley
  • Momo Tweedsley
  • Yumo Tweedsley
  • Mavid Tweedsley (mentioned)
  • Red/Enos Carmichael
  • Adré
  • The Harrison Family (unintroduced in the story)

Trivia Edit

  • The name Macaria means "blessed", and is derived from the two figures of the ancient Greek religion and mythology:
    • Macaria is the daughter of Heracles in the Heracleidae of Euripides.
    • In Suda, Macaria is the daughter of Hades, who seemed to have embodied blessed death; the Suda connects her name to the figure of speech, "be gone to blessedness".
  • Yan wanted Macaria to look like a mixture of the two countries she considers her homelands: Japan and the Philippines, evident to the beliefs, which are combinations of Japanese and Filipino superstitions. The culture alludes to the Philippines', and the land forms allude to Japan's, mainly Kyoto, where she once lived in.