Kara E. Sentry is the current Earth Elemental.


She is a 29 tan female standing at 5'10". She has black hair that reaches just down to her neck. She wears a brown pleated leather skirt, white leggings, short brown boots and a brown blouse. She has dark blue eyes. Usually stands crossing her arms and legs. Her looks give her an extroverted look.



Follows requests and commands by her family and friends and will rarely question the request. She, however, is easy to be manipulated by her friends as well to do things, even if she might question them. If she was demanded to do things by captives or the likes, she never seems to fight or argue back, because she's afraid that she'll get hurt, or killed.


Like humans and anthros, she has had struggles in her life growing up and being alone, and will not be afraid to talk to her friends about it if asked, or to some rude people who don't really think about other people's past. She's said this story just a few times, so she might be a little bit emotional when describing what it's like to be alone. In other cases, Kara has an existential crisis when she messes up on something and always questions: "Why am I ____?"


In dangerous or threatening situations she is sensitive to sudden movements or sounds and would quickly by screaming in danger and attacking it. However, it could be for a stupid reason that would waste people's time. If she was in a rush when making traps, the quality of said traps would go down heavily. Her already bad aim with bows and arrows can also get worse if it's really bad.


She does seem to notice this personality trait, but she can't stop herself from being very loud and excitable. She talks a lot, usually talking about unrelated, small things that happened to her in the past, or that day. She likes telling stories about growing up as well when things have gotten silent. Whenever she is in a group and it's silent, she gets uncomfortable and starts a conversation or a story to fill in the silence. But when she is alone, she talks to nobody. She knows she isn't talking to anybody, but she pretends that there's someone there, listening to her. She does this sometimes in public as well. Her conversations with nobody seem to range from "hello"s to complaining about something to that nobody, and pretends that nobody agrees with her. She sometimes talks for the nobody as well.

Easily DiscouragedEdit

If she was bullied, made fun of, messes up for the entire team, or is in a situation she feels is too hard, she will wimp out and run away, probably crying because she knows she can't step up for herself. She's very emotional when it comes to these mistakes. She hates herself when she has these moments and will feel guilty for a long time until friends say it's okay (which can take time in itself) or let her slowly get over it.

Strengths and WeaknessesEdit


Quick ThinkerEdit

Can study patterns and problems quickly and can dodge attacks quicker about half the time. This is her most proud strength and sometimes likes to brag about how quick she is.


She can be able to design traps with any resources she has for enemies. The quality of these traps depends on the resources on hand, ranging from piss poor to shockingly effective.


Bad AimEdit

Despite years of aim with bows, she still has a common miss, especially when panicked. So if she was in a battle and she only had a bow on hand, don't expect the target to be killed/injured in one shot. Thankfully she makes a lot of arrows and makes sure to keep ones that have been launched. [Chances: 1/10 first shot, 1/5 second shot, 1/3 third shot, 1/2 fourth shot, guaranteed fifth shot]

Easily ScaredEdit

Threats, looks, whatever scary thing she encounters will have her panicked and might even run away if it's just too much. Best not to joke scare her during an intense moment, she might just knock them on their butt.

Talks Too MuchEdit

Blah, blah, blah, she will keep talking and talking of unnecessary and unimportant stuff barely anyone cares about, and will not stop making pathetic taunts to her enemies, which really only makes her vulnerable. This shows she's definitely an extrovert when she's free.

Gives Up EasilyEdit

There's a reason she'd pass up an opportunity to be a leader in something because she gives up too easily. After maybe 1-3 tries she'll just flail her arms up and just walk away, which can be very bad. Even if she isn't a leader of something, she still might just end up giving up at the end. Signs to know if she's giving up is saying something pessimistic, doing things lazily with "eh" sounds, or complete silence.


As of this moment, Kara has yet to learn any elemental powers. Yet.


Bow & ArrowEdit

Her main weapon. She uses this bow and arrow a lot during attacks, most commonly during long ranged battles. The arrows are handmade with wood and iron, and they are pretty good quality as she's been growing up. The bow itself is made out of thick, 1" hickory wood and the string is made up of many layers of silk to prevent tear and damage for a long time. In her pocket holds the arrows, wrapped together with many layers of silk.

Anything ElseEdit

So, what if she didn't have her bow and arrow at the moment? She could fist fight someone, which wouldn't be all that effective. She can throw anything throwable, which really depends on the object itself. She could also swing with those objects if they're big enough to comfortably swing, but the damage also depends on the object itself. She could use someone else's weapon, which can be painful usually, but she'll have to get used to it first if it's anything but a sword or bow + arrow.



As mentioned previously, she's quick to attack and dodge attacks.

Currently WIP please forgive me.

Early LifeEdit

As she was the only child that Theresa and Erik ever had, things were tough for the family, having to take care of their child and also make her happy. This caused the family to be much poorer than they were because of how much more they need. When Kara grew up the family began to lose focus on getting things for Kara for her to be happy, and more focuses on their well-being and health.

Imaginary FriendEdit

When Kara turned 5, she met her imaginary friend when she was in emotional distress from accidentally breaking a vase, and getting yelled at for. She called her Michael. She never directly gave Michael a description. Kara used Michael as a coping mechanism, as Michael would always be on her side when someone else isn't on her side. She has not used Michael for anything else. She also found herself doing it alone, so no one can see that Michael has broken into their house. Around 7 is when she abandoned the name Michael and pretended it was a random stranger. Now she's talking to no one subconsciously and consciously.

Growing UpEdit

She's grown attached to her family a lot as she learns how to use a bow and arrow at age 9. Her self-esteem was lost as well because she couldn't manage to hit a target on the first shot. She hated these mistakes, and hated herself for making these mistakes, despite the comfort her parents gave her. She does love her family a lot, always being loyal to their every command that she's given, no matter how tough or mundane or pointless she thought they were. She was scared of what would happen if she didn't want to do what they asked her. She was also making it verbally apparent that she never wants to leave her family, no matter what happens.

When she turned 16, she started making it apparent that she doesn't want to move away to live her own life, fearing that she will not survive "a day" without the help of her parents, and declined any request immediately when she turned 18, therefore having to agree on a compromise to have Kara start taking off her parents, due to older age. Kara didn't mind, as long as she was with her family if she does need help. Around 18 she started to be a regular to the Tailos Nightclub.

Family QuarrelsEdit

During the parts of her life where she had to take care of her own parents, she and her dad, Erik, started getting on the wrong foot, as they would commonly have fights about Kara just moving out and starting a life of her own. Her mother would not like to be apart of the quarrel, but would commonly break it up if both parties were obviously not going anywhere with it, and no side would ever be happy. The relationship between Erik and Kara began to dwindle as years went on, but they still loved each other.

Right NowEdit

As of now she is still doing help with her old-aged parents, and spends about 80% of her time inside, coming out to hunt and eat out (obviously saving food for her parents). At the age of 29 did her life change completely...

Uh... yeah, not yet.

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