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“I’m sorry, but this is the only way it’s allowed to be.”
This section contains information only relevant before the reboot of the roleplay.
Giant Rocks!
“Your gift will find its next most rightful heir eventually.”
This character was killed by a giant rock that fell from the sky because their roleplayer left the roleplay.

Jitx Moonseer is a previous host for Lightning. He was the first cousin once removed of Starlet Moonseer and the second cousin of Will'O'Wisp Haze.

Skills Edit

Jitx has summoned a small ball of plasma in the bandit's attack on Stoneyard. He also seems competent at fighting, although with what weapon it is not specified. He can speak basic German and is a skilled gardener, shown during the first post in which he was introduced.

He is able to use a claymore and can also fly, a combination he likes to use. He can also use a longbow well


Jitx was killed in Part LX, when he was struck by a boulder thrown by a shadow bear, which slammed him into a river. Jitx fell onto an outcrop of rock in the river, which pierced his heart. His body's fate is currently unknown. The attack also claimed the life of Rezel Thorzin.


j, i, t, and x are the only lowercase letters that cannot be written with one stroke in cursive.

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