Ironberg is a military city located in the south-western mountain range of Serentia. It is divided into 2 sections, the inner Ironberg and the outer Ironberg. The inner one is surrounded by a tall stone wall with 2 gates facing the north and south part of the city, while the outer one has no wall whatsoever and is mostly composed of residential housing.

Inner Ironberg Edit

Inner Ironberg is split into 4 named sections.

Steelhelm Edit

This district is located in the south-western part of the city, this place is separated into two sections, one of which is mostly made up of medical and educational buildings such as churches, an alchemy/drug store and a school while the remaining areas is full of housing.

Auria Edit

Auria is located at the northern part of the city and serves as the main military district containing the barracks and the main blacksmith.

Snillico Edit

Snillico is located in the south-eastern part of the city, it's connected to the southern gate. This place serves as the main market district with multiple tents and shops.

Ironrath Edit

Ironrath is located in the middle part of Ironberg and serves as the main part of the city, it was the original military base before Ironrath expanded its borders. This main area is surrounded by wall and houses the current leader and serves as a storage for bal

Outer Ironberg Edit

Outer Ironberg in itself is made up of mostly houses and quite a few inns and eateries as well, this is also where the Ironberg prison. There are 4 large watchtowers in the outer walls to scout for any threats coming towards Ironberg.

History Edit

Ironberg was originally a simple town, then it got turned into a military base when it was conquered by a warlord and after centuries, the need to protect itself has gone down to the point where Ironberg leaders decided to open the gates, this brought in spruce (this is why the older building aren't made out of spruce) and other new building materials, eventually Ironberg became a city as it started expanding outward beyond its walls.

Military Edit

Ironberg is one of the most heavily militarized city in Entherstia. It is a military city due to it's history, the army is made up of a large group of soldiers. The soldiers are preferably trained at the age of 14 and then accepted into the army, a small minority of the soldiers are various mercenaries who are deemed worthy when they apply to join, the acceptance rate is quite low however.