Entherstia is the country that Darkening Stars takes place in. The name is adapted from Enterrs Tia, meaning literally "Tribes Land" in the canine language.

Government Edit

The country has a complex governmental structure that incorporates the laws and social structures of the many different sentient species that populate it. The primary influence is the human culture, as the majority of citizens are human.

Each province of Entherstia has a duke or duchess to handle its affairs. Under the dukes and duchesses are the barons and baronesses, who have control over smaller regions within a province. These noble positions are hereditary, noble family members who are not currently the head of the house are known as lords and ladies.

Advisers are additional members of the tribune that have no specific land designated to them. Ambassadors, while important to the country's relations with other nations, are not a part of the tribune; they are called upon only when necessary.

Military Edit

The Royal Knights of Entherstia are both the military and the police of the country. There are various levels within the knights, but for the most part they are simply recognized by the fact that they are a knight, not by any particular status within that.

History Edit

The Clans
Alternate Timeline
“I’m sorry, but this is the only way it’s allowed to be.”
This section contains information only relevant before the reboot of the roleplay.

Let's begin before the clans. Let's begin when there were no anthros. Let's begin with what could be considered the first clan. Let's start with the humans.

The humans weren't Life's strongest creation, but it liked them. They were smart... Witty... Elegant. And so it decided to spread their influence far and wide. It combined the humans with other beings. Those it found also interesting. The dragons, the foxes, the wolves... The lizards, the goats, the falcons... And many, many more.

These new combination species all gained the intelligence of the humans, and the various other advantages of their other side. The first anthros were a little... Experimental looking. But very quickly they became much more elegant, and suitable for survival.

Many years later, the different kinds decided to form clans. Roughly a hundred were formed. Most were killed out by the years and years of war that followed.

Clans like the goats and sheep and cows formed together to strengthen themselves against the other armies. Others, like the wolf clan, grew so large that they had to split. (Also due to a civil war)

There was a long time that the wars raged on, picking off clan after clan after clan, leaving few survivors. Those whose clans were wiped out retreated into isolation- headed south. Into the area that would eventually be called Seygahn.

And then, when twenty clans remained, there was peace. It was almost jarring. After years of war, the people began to coexist. But it didn't last. It couldn't. They were all unmistakeably human in that regard. And that's exactly who started up the new wars. The human clan.

They didn't charge into battle like they did before though... Oh no... They invaded. They invaded under the guise of peace. The humans went to many different clans, and told them they wished to partially merge. The dragons, the rabbits, the cats, foxes, wolves, and dogs did not accept their offer- and so they were saved. For all at once, when the rest of the clans were full of humans, they attacked. From the inside out the humans conquered. But the groups of humans kept the names of the clans they were in. A sick reminder that they had conquered, and the anthros had lost.

Again, there were some anthros remaining. They retreated south. But the humans were the ultimate victors. They decided to turn their war-hungry eyes towards the other clans, but were stopped as the clans they went up against had many advantages over them, and had banded together.

So there was a forced peace after several more years of war. Eventually the humans gave up on their war ideas, and formed a new structure of government- Monarchy. They instated their first king, and expanded their country. Entherstia eventually met borders with other human-controlled countries. Humans, after all, didn't only come from Entherstia.

Centuries later, the elements decided to play a game, starting with Force.

Geography Edit

There are three provinces in Entherstia, each of them has its own capital city, several other cities, towns, villages, and outposts. Those provinces are Serentia, Chaimsland, and Seygahn.