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Ebisu-Osiri was the First Elemental of the Void Element.

They were in a group of four lynx surviving in the wilderness. Ebisu-Osiri was their fisher and their blacksmith.

Their blacksmithing skill was a relatively new one at the time, so they were easily able to barter whenever they were in town. They found themself a niche market in small, wearable wares: jewelery. Almost all of the other blacksmiths of the time were trying to make the biggest, strongest, most dangerous weapons they could. Ebisu-Osiri preferred to work with fine tools and a variety of metals and gems to make their small works of art. To get their materials, they would often have their group help them to raid a mining camp.

They would often wear all of their jewelery themself until they arrived in a town, and then would sell it to the townspeople right off of their own body. They preferred working with gold due to its malleability and alluring glow, along with its relative ease to come by. There was no money in gold or gems as they were not practical, so they were often seen as waste product. Barely more valuable than the stone and dirt that had to be chipped away to find much more valuable ores like iron and copper.

They refused to ever give up their first golden project: a simple ring with their group's names engraved in it. That ring would later become the keystone to the Element of Void, and Ebisu-Osiri, its host.

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