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The Alliance of the Swordsmen (more commonly referred to as The Swordsmen) is a group formed by the late Rebecca Harss made to keep Harknest safe. They reside in Entherstia and protect multiple towns and cities in Entherstia from harm including Harknest, Navv, Yarrin, and Wolfpine as well as the village known as Freesilia.


In 3810, the Swordsmen had a Civil War, which can be read about here. The Civil War led to the creation of The Alliance of the Swordsmen.



Language Edit

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The Swordsmen only seen in Swordsmen Controlled Places, Guards are Swordsmen who have chosen to guard Swordsmen areas from trouble.


A squad is a group of Swordsmen Guards under a Commander. The Commander will relay info from Command to his squad about assignments. Squads are mainly composed of Guards who are of a similar type. The different Guard types are:

  • Standard Guard
    • Medic
    • Translator
  • Criminal Investigator
  • Narc
  • Fire Fighter


City PatrolsEdit

Easily the most boring of the possible assignments as well as the safest, patrols are pretty self-explanatory. Despite the title saying city, a squad/Guard can be assigned to either a city, town, or village to patrol in of the places under Swordsmen protection and will be given a sector of said area to patrol.

Prison PatrolsEdit

Prison Patrols are a lot more work-oriented than City Patrols, seeing Guards do things such as bringing food to prisoners, transferring prison to various places, etc.


Reserved for Narc Guards, Narcs will be planted in criminal organizations to feed info to the Swordsmen.


Command Swordsmen are the ones running the Swordsmen. Most people working in Command don't see much action. The Command Category is sorted into different subcategories, each applying to the main area that runs the Swordsmen in some way. Swordsmen who work in Command aren't required to wear anything specific, but it is suggested that they were something semi-formal, such as a waistcoat.



Swordsmen Recruiters: Swordsmen Recruiters are tasked with recruiting new Swordsmen and assigning new recruits to a squad to shadow.
Hunter Assigners: Hunter Assigners are tasked with assigning Hunter Squads to specific hunts, having to keep in mind the Squads skill set to make sure they are the best suited for the task.
Guard Assigners: Guard Assigners are tasked with setting up patrols and guard spots and assigning Guard Swordsmen to said patrols or spots.


Swordsmen Documenters: Swordsmen Documenters are tasked with documenting and updating documents and making sure they get sorted into the archives. Their job basically has them revising old texts or updating old texts and having the Archivists sort them.
Swordsmen Archivists: Swordsmen Archivists are tasked with keeping the archives intact and sorted correctly. Their job basically has them sorting and resorting the documents that are 'archived' by the documenters, which have usually been archived wrong.

Research and DevelopmentEdit

Weapon Researchers: Researchers focusing on studying and developing new weaponry.


Lietenant General: Lieutenant Generals are essentially the substitute General for their respective town. There are two per General, one who has Hunter experience and one who has Guard experience so that the General does not receive bias from only one side. They are able to vote on decisions in place of their General if said General is unable to do so.
General: Generals are the highest possible rank for a non-Harss to attain. There is one General per town. They are able to vote on important decisions with their fellow Generals. Generals should not have bias for either Guards or Hunters, that bias coming from their two Lieutenants, but generally, they will have some bias depending on what they were originally. A General order can overrule the Leader's order if all Generals agree to the order.
Prison Warden: Prison Wardens are essentially the Generals of a Prison. They run the place, all Guards assigned to their prison having to follow their orders. Though they may act similarly to Generals, they are not on par with them, as Generals outrank them. There is one Warden per prison. Leader: The Leader of the Swordsmen. Only attainable by a Harss who is a capable fighter and understands the Swordsmen Language. The next Leader is chosen through either the previous' will or is given to the highest ranking Harss in the Swordsmen.
*General Vote: A vote among the Generals that requires all Generals to be in agreeance for the vote to pass.

Uncategorized SwordsmenEdit

These are types of Swordsmen that do not apply to the three main types.
Elite: Elites act as the Leader of the Swordsmen's personal guard, required to follow any orders given to them by the Leader or through General Vote*. There are always ten Elites, the Leader of the Swordsmen choosing three, the generals choosing six, and the Harss Family's Current Head Butler being the tenth. If an Elite falls in battle, the Leader gets to choose the replacement. Elites are equal in Rank to , and as such will be given a Cape or a Mark depending on whether they were a Guard or a Hunter before becoming an Elite.


Ranks are universal between most Swordsmen types. The Swordsmen Ranking system is as follows: Novice: Swordsmen who are of the Novice rank are required to shadow both a Hunter, Guard, and Command Swordsman to learn the ropes for each assignment and help make the final decision easier. They are required to wear Basic Swordsmen Wear.

Minor: The lowest set of ranks given to a full-fledged Swordsmen, Minors are Swordsmen who have only recently joined the Swordsmen and completed their Novice training. Note: Schooling does not have to have been finished before becoming a Novice. Minors have three separate ranks that are based on experience alone.

Minor I
Minor II
Minor III
Major: The second lowest set of ranks given to a full-fledged Swordsmen, Majors are slightly above Minors in experience alone. They aren't able to pull rank over Minors unless given special permission by their Commander or Lieutenant. Majors have three separate ranks that are based on experience alone.
Major I
Major II
Major III
Officer: The set of ranks able to pull rank over Majors and Minors, the Officer Ranks are the first goal of most Swordsmen upon becoming a full-fledged Swordsmen. One must have finished schooling at Rebecca Academy before rising to the Officer Ranks. There are three different Officer Ranks.
Lieutenant Commander: Lieutenants Commander are a small step below Commander. Upon becoming a Lieutenant, a Swordsmen is given their special garment representing their commitment, Marks for Hunters and a Cape for Guards. Command Swordsmen do not have a special garment.
Commander: Commander is the highest possible position obtainable outside of Leader Ranks and Grand Commander. Hunter/Guard Commanders are given charge of their own squad. Elites are considered the same rank as Commanders. Grand Commander: Grand Commander is more of a ceremonial rank than it is an official rank. Upon reaching Grand Commander, a Swordsmen receives a special symbol on either their Mark or Cape. Grand Commander is only attainable if a Guard or Hunter. Grand Commanders are essentially the same rank as a Commander.


Tout le ResteEdit

Swordsmen DocumentsEdit

Swordsmen Contingency Orders: A list of the various Contingency Orders used by The Alliance of the Swordsmen. Few copies of this document exist, and all are in Swordsmen.
The Book of the Swordsmen: A book that goes through various things Swordsmen will need to know and learn, from different combat forms to the rules one must follow. Tawn Harss' War Log: A log of various events and battles written by Tawn Harss during the Swordsmen Civil War. A single copy of the log exists in Harss Manor.

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