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Hosts of Soul have the ability to nullify or amplify emotion, temporarily influence morals, and enslave souls.


The Harss Family
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The Harss Family Tree

Family LinesEdit

The Old Family LineEdit

The Old Family Line is the line of Harss before the lines began spliting into definitive lines.

The Ancient Generation: To be filled in by Jaz
The Magician's Generation: The Magician's Generation was named so due to Kard Harss. This generation is known for in Harss history for Galos Harss' jealousy of Kard's abilities and hiring an assassin to kill him in an attempt for Galos to receive his abilities. This, of course, didn't work out in his favor, as the powers were passed onto Kard's sister, Annabelle. Annabelle married Walter Smitty and continued on the Harss family, her children inheriting both Walter's and Annabelle's last name. Somewhere down the line, the Smitty name was lost and Harss continued on.

The Noble LineEdit

The Noble Line is the line of Harss that comprises the Harss Family of Nobility in Harknest.

The Founder's Generation: The Founders Generations was named so due to Rebecca Harss. This generation is known for in Harss history as the generation that founded the Swordsmen as well as the starting of the 'era' of felines in the Harss family. This generation is also known for due to its splitting of the Noble and Rock Purged Harss Family Lines.
The Start Of An Era Generation: The Start Of An Era Generation was named so due to it including Jay and Jewel Harss. This generation is known for being the first time a Harss strayed from being mostly human, being the start of the era of felines in the Harss family.
The Sibling Rivalry Generation: The Sibling Rivalry Generation was named so due to the Swordsmen Civil War. This generation is known for siblings Tawn and Nara Harss' disagreements that eventually led to a civil war between the two and the Swordsmen, leading to the disbandment of The Swordsmen and the creation of The Order Of The Swordsmen. This generation is also the reason for the Tawn Era's existence, starting at the beginning of the Swordsmen Civil War.
The Split Generations: The Split Generations were named so due to it being the point where the Noble Line split off into the Feline and Noble Lines. These generations are known mostly due Sapphire Harss' siege on Yarrin, her being from the second generation of the Split Generations as well as its splitting of the Family Lines in the third generation.
The Dark Generations: The Dark Generations were named so because of Connor Harss I and Juliet Harss' Swordsmen Titles as well as Dark Harss. The Dark Generations includes The Evening Generation, named so due to it being the start of The Dark Generations and includes Connor Harss I and siblings, The Black, White, and Grey Generation, named so because of the Harss Siblings hair colors and includes Juliet, Ivan, and Tybalt Harss, and The Modern Generation, which includes Connor Harss II, Alicia Harss, and Kaleigh Natterbrawn.

The Rock Purged LineEdit

The Rock Purged Line is the line of Harss that both started with a rock death and ended with a rock death.

The Founder's Generation: The Rocked Purged Line split off from the Noble Line during this generation. The Rocked Lines side of the founder's generation consists of Jeffrey Harss, a cousin of Rebecca who died in an avalanche, starting the Rock Purged Line.
The End of the Line: The End of the Line is the point where the Rock Purged Line stopped. This came due to the fact that the three remaining Harss' from this line had all mysteriously been killed by rocks falling from the sky.

The Feline LineEdit

The Feline Line is the line of Harss that split off from the Noble Line and became its own line, being named the Feline Line due to it mostly being comprised of feline anthros.

The Split Generation:
The Modern Generation:

The Assassin LineEdit

The Assassin Line is the line of Harss that split off from the Rock Purged Line and currently resides outside of Entherstia.

The Starting Generation:
The Modern Generation:

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