Castor was the original Earth Elemental and the twin of Pollux.

History Edit

Castor originally came from the small town that would, many thousands of years later, become Ironberg. He was a pit fighter, working as a team with his twin brother Pollux. His family owed a massive debt to a local lord, and so the twins began fighting to pay it off. He, along with his brother, became an elemental during their last and most important fight. During the course of this battle, one of their foes pulled a dirty move and in the ensuing fracas, Castor was speared. The fallen Castor, as he lay dying, was visited by the Spirit of Earth, who offered to grant him power so he could save Pollux. Castor, desperate to save his brother, agreed to the Spirit's conditions and was gifted the power of the Earth, even as Pollux obtained the power of Wind. The two turned the tables on their foes and won, paying off their debt. Afterwards the two made a very strict pact. They agreed to ensure their bloodlines would never mix again, as they were not sure at the time if an elemental could be born with both of their powers and if so, would that elemental abuse their power. So, sadly, they departed with Castor separating from Pollux and heading west. Eventually he settled down in what would become Dust Alley and married into the Jordan family.

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