Alicia is the cousin of Dark Harss and was the leader of The Swordsmen before she was kidnapped by Hark. Due to the trauma of the incident, Alicia lost her memory.

Appearance Edit

Alicia is a tall female with white long hair tied in a high ponytail. She has blue eyes and pale skin.

Personality Edit

Forgiving:Alicia is known most to be forgiving, often letting little things that her fellow Swordsmen do out of line slide and even sometimes big things, depending on the situation.

Protective: Alicia is also known to be protective of the people who she commands, wanting to keep them safe.

Humourless: Alicia lacks the ability to be humorous, meaning she both will usually not understand a joke and will usually be incapable of making a good joke.

Conventional: Alicia prefers to complete tasks in conventional means, choosing to take situations slowly by making a well thought out plan beforehand rather than improvising.

Mild-mannered: Alicia doesn't usually show that strong of emotion in most situations. She's not emotionless like some people, but rather doesn't have as strong emotions as some. She'll cry but not bawl.

Skills Edit

Swordsmanship Edit

Alicia is an expert sword user, trained by her father, Ivan.


Being able to jump far, keep balance, and do flips, Alicia is quite the acrobat. She mostly uses this skill for evasion, like when she first ran into the Elementals and they opened fire on her.

Weapons Edit


Her sword, Disenchanted, is a custom rapier owned by her grandfather. She received it after her father's death. It was originally owned and named by Connor Harss I, and was refitted by Ivan when he received the sword. The rapier originally had a black grip, but the grip was changed by Ivan when he refit the weapon to better suit him.

Trivia Edit

  • Alicia is left handed.
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